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Press release of 2017-05-08
Tucaya Panama

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Panama is not all about the Canal. The country has a vast touristic potential to exploit from one ocean to the other. The major archeological discovery, El Caño, ensures a great future for culture and tourism.

Passionate with Amerindian culture in the country (Kunas, Emberas, Ngobé Buglé etc), Tucaya has always woked in raising tourists’awareness about sustainable tourism. 

We were very excited about learning about the discovery of El Caño archeological site.

National Geographic featured El Caño on his cover page. 

Panama’s isthmus has always been the meeting point of various civilizations (Mayas in the North and Incas in the South).

The Coclé people thrived in Panama and archives show contacts in between Spanish conquistadors and Coclé people. However they remained unknowned until recently.

Discovered some 100 years ago, the El Caño site reveals rich culture of the golden chiefs of Panama.



Thanks to her persistence, archeologist Julia Mayo revealed to the public tombs with warriors remains, golden jewels, ceramics, sculptures and precious artefacts.

Quai Branly museum will tease you with Panamean pre-Columbian objects.
Here is the link to a film on the topic 

Authorities and El Caño Foundation have all the elements to create a great anthropological museum… Let’s wait and see ! Meanwhile Tucaya Panama invites you on its itinerary to discover this incredible site.

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Khao Sok National Park is a haven of peace in the middle of an exceptional nature.

Ha, Halloween: Scary movies, pumpkin lanterns, fancy dresses in all shades of zombies, witches and bloody ghosts, bunches of kids ringing your bell for that swift sugar rush we hate to love, spider webs and general merriment.

Come to explore this inspiring country and live an adventure bigger than life.