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Press release of 2016-03-28
Shanti Travel

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Alex Le Beuan, Founder of Shanti Travel and Co-Founder of Vintage Rides, Nimmu House and Planet Ride receives the Humanis award: “Trophy of the Entrepreneur 2016.”

For the ceremony of “Trophies of the French living abroad”, organized on March 15 by at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Humanis awarded the ‘Trophy of the Entrepreneur of 2016’ to Alex Le Beuan, Founder and Director with Jérémy Grasset of the local travel agency specialized in Asia, Shanti Travel.

Since more than 10 years, Shanti Travel, a local and francophone travel agency with a presence in over 14 destinations, specializes in custom-made trips in Asia. Founded in 2005 by Alex Le Beuan and joined in 2007 by Jérémy Grasset, Shanti Tranvel is a beautiful entrepreneurial adventure by two fans of Asia and aficionados of travel. With over 14 destinations and 8 local agencies in Delhi, Pondichery, Leh, Katmandou, Rangoun, Bali, Hanoi and Colombo, Shanti Travel has already opened the doors of Asia to more than 35,000 travelers.

Alex Le Beuan, originally from Bretagne and a true “serial entrepreneur” is also the Co-Founder of Vintage Rides, Planet Rides, and Nimmu House!

Since 2006, Vintage Rides creates unique group or individual motorcycling trips in Asia. Vintage Rides offers trips in Asia while riding authentic Royal Enfields, from Mongolia to Sri Lanka, or crossing through India.

Passionate about trekking and the mountains, Alex Le Beuan fell in love with Ladakh and opened Nimmu House in 2013: a Heritage Boutique Hotel in the village of Nimmu, 45 minutes from Leh. With its 5 comfortable tents and 4 rooms in the authentic Ladakhi home, Nimmu House is much more than a hotel since it is also a renovation and conservation project of the Ladhakhi culture and architecture.

In 2014, he started supporting young entrepreneurs and became the co-founder of Planet Ride that puts in contact local specialist with travelers looking for motorized road trips and adventures.

“With a warm thank you to the group Humanis that rightly commits, in an extremely useful manner, to promoting the social protection of expats, I am very happy to see the company I founded 11 years ago with Jérémy Grasset rewarded, and through it, honoring the ventures of all French entrepreneurs who know how to bear the colors of France high and proud into globalization” declares Alex Le Beuan, Founder of Shanti  Travel.

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