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Press release of 2018-05-14
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Discover Baikal lake. Unique experiences at one of the Wonders of the world.

Travelling to the deepest and purest lake in the world is a real dream for many people. Its greatness, coupled with stunning nature, unique culture and a wide variety of activities both in winter and summer season makes it a perfect tourist destination. Moreover, if the experienced traveler can easily organize a tour to Moscow or Saint Petersburg himself, to get a complete picture of this beautiful region he needs a help of the professional tour operator.

What this place has to offer to your tourists? Let’s consider a regular tour program!

Introduction – tour of Irkutsk

Irkutsk is the center of the region and a starting point for the journey to Baikal. It has always been a merchant city, here are preserved a lot of wooden architecture monuments and magnificent Orthodox churches. You can walk along the main streets of the city, where you will see the buildings of XIX century, admire the view of Lower embankment, visit the Church of the Saviour – the only surviving building of Irkutsk Kremlin, Znamensky Cathedral, which houses the miraculous icon and see the place of execution with the Symbolic grave of Admiral Kolchak, located nearby.

Visit to picturesque Listvyanka village

Listvyanka is an urban-type settlement, situated in 70 kilometers from Irkutsk, near the point where Angara River leaves Lake Baikal. It is one of the busiest tourist spots in the whole Siberia. Here you can get acquainted with the nature of the lake Baikal area in Baikal Museum, discover the Taltsy Museum (the museum of Russian wooden architecture on the open air) and the Chersky peak, where you will enjoy the magnificent view on Lake Baikal.

Relaxing in Russian banya and a picnic on the lake

Banya – Russian sauna, has always held a special place in the culture of Russian people. Traditionally it is a small wooden house, a log cabin with wood stove, covered by stones, which were used to generate the hot steam. For centuries Russians believed that in banya they were purified not only the body but the soul. This experience will let you discover the sacred meaning of such an important part of Russian culture! At the end you will have a cozy and a tasty picnic with the incredible view on fluffy mountains, covered buy trees, cliffs and endless water surface.

Reaching the hidden places of Baikal

Take a ride on a boat in summer or Hivus hovercraft to get to the hidden sandy bays, small islands with the magnificent untouched nature and high observation points, mysterious caves, where were found the traces of an ancient man, or discover the rich flora and fauna world of Baikal. Currently, here are known more than 1550 species and varieties of animals! We suggest you to visit a rookery of nepra – Baikal seal, the symbol of the region and one of its most beautiful inhabitants. What makes it special is that this is the only area where you can meet them - they cannot live far away from their homeland.  

Meeting with Shaman

Siberia is considered the heart of shamanism. It is still a traditional religion of Buryat people. There is a lot of shamanic Holy places and natural temples of the deities, where annually are held mass religious prayers. You should definitely visit one of them! Meeting with Shaman is a serious matter and it is important to know about the rules, that your guide will tell you. It will enable you to experience the beliefs of shamanism, as well as their symbiosis with the nature. A very spiritual moment in your trip to be connected to local traditions and to get a powerful boost of energy!

A day with the indigenous people of Baikal

Meeting local people is the best way to learn more about the culture. To do it you will visit Golden Horde ethnopark! This excursion will introduce to you the ethno-cultural identity of the Buryat people, their national cuisine and housekeeping. You will see the most beautiful carved Yurt of Russia, made of precious wood and consecrated by the priest of the local datsan which reflects their national culture and religious values. All the guests can participate in national ceremonies (dancing, singing, playing the folklore instruments), historical games or battles.

This is a very short list of excursions on Baikal lake region, there are much more options you can experience: have a wonderful cruise to the exceptional places, ride on a horse or dog sledding, have a trekking tour, enjoy a dinner with local family, it is just endless. Choose our company to give you clients this unforgettable trip!

Why choose Olta Travel?

- office in Irkutsk
- the employees from Baikal, who have perfect knowledge of destination
- the best prices from the suppliers (direct contracts)
- an impressive base of the hotels
- thousands of satisfied tourists visited Baikal lake with us!

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