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Press release of 2016-04-26

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Interview with Jacques Lozac’h of JTB

JTB is a Japanese DMC with over 100 years of existence.
We met with
Jacques Lozac’h, its sales manager, in order to know more about JTB’s operations, one of the most important travel agencies working on the destination Japan. : What are the main operations of JTB?

 Jacques Lozac'h : “JTB is the number 1 travel agency in Japan. It is the 7th in terms of room reservations and has 28,000 employees throughout the world. It is a major structure with 14 offices in Europe including the one in Paris with nearly 60 employees.
JTB often sponsors official events in Japan. For instance, the agency will soon be the partner of the Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup of Japan.

Furthermore, we work with many tour-operators and travel agencies in the leisure and Mice sector on Japan. But we also organize the trips for Japanese tourists coming to France even though this sector is currently in crisis…
Indeed, there has been a decrease of Japanese visitors in France since the terrorist attacks.” What are some of your new products?

J.L : “We launched the tour In the footsteps of the samurais. The first departures will be in June but there are later departures planned for July, October and November.
The advantage of the tour is its access to the the main sites of Japan in only 14 nights.

This trip takes visitors on the discovery of the castles of Himeji and Matsumoto who can experience a nice Teppanyaki dinner at a very affordable price. We will also visit the Goponchi restaurant that was made famous by the film Kill Bill by Quentin Tarantino.
Indeed, the director was inspired by this restaurant for the mythical killing scene of this movie.” : Has Japan always been one of your passions?

J.L : “In fact, at first, I am a specialist on Asia in general since I worked for 12 years as an agency director to sell trips toward this continent.
But truthfully, I was quite unfamiliar with Japan, so when I found out that JTB was hiring I thought it would be an ideal opportunity to discover this country.” : Is Japan very different from other Asian countries?

J.L : “Yes, and it is a difficult destination to grasp, it is very different from other Asian countries because in Japan people travel a lot by train!

Also, because Japan is a country where visitors need to open doors, literally. At first sight, it’s hard to imagine all of the surprises and treasures concealed in this country. For instance, an exceptional restaurant can be found on the 2nd floor of an office building where it is usually completely unexpected to find this type of gourmet restaurant.

To truly discover Japan, it’s best to explore it with some tips in hand and to go with people who know it well, if not visitors can really miss out on Japan.”

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Khao Sok National Park is a haven of peace in the middle of an exceptional nature.

Ha, Halloween: Scary movies, pumpkin lanterns, fancy dresses in all shades of zombies, witches and bloody ghosts, bunches of kids ringing your bell for that swift sugar rush we hate to love, spider webs and general merriment.

Come to explore this inspiring country and live an adventure bigger than life.