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Press release of 2019-01-07
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Here are three reasons to discover Mongolian nomadic breeders’hospitality during winter

Mongolia is a dream destination and you would be wrong if you were to believe that high season only takes place during summer time.

Come and enjoy crisp sunny days in Mongolian beautiful steppes.

Here are three reasons to discover Mongolian nomadic breeders’hospitality durin winter :

The « Tsagaan Sar » celebration, Lunar New Year in February


As you attend the «Tsagaan Sar » celebration, you may want to live like a local and join a nomadic breeder family. Stay with them and sleep in a traditional yurt, share your hosts’daily life and learn how to milk a cow and how to make dairy products, how to look after cattle, how to cook Mongolian traditional dishes, how to shear sheep and much more...



« Ice Festival », Annual event in March


The Blue Pearl of Mongolia… This 167x12 km lake surrounded by mountains is named « ocean » by many inhabitants. It is the deepest lake of the country and hotsts 2% of the world’s freshwater supply. A beauty !




« The 1000 camels Festival », Annual event in March


The « 1000 camels festival » is your opportunity to discover Baynazag, one of Gobi’s most famous paléontological It is here that archeologist Roy Chapman, found in 1920 fossils of dinosaurs’eggs. Baynazag is also well-known for its superb ocre cliffs where camel breeders works and live. A sanctuary bordered by a restaurant and a saxaoul forest.


Medium haul
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Khao Sok National Park is a haven of peace in the middle of an exceptional nature.

Ha, Halloween: Scary movies, pumpkin lanterns, fancy dresses in all shades of zombies, witches and bloody ghosts, bunches of kids ringing your bell for that swift sugar rush we hate to love, spider webs and general merriment.

Come to explore this inspiring country and live an adventure bigger than life.