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Shanti Travel

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Tailor-made trip
Tailor-made trip
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Video production
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Team building
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Thematic trips

Shanti Travel organizes one of a kind, bespoke trips for small groups, MICE travel, incentive travel, and business trips in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Established 5 years ago in Colombo, Shanti Travel is made up of a cosmopolitan team who know the island like the palm of their hands. Equipped with the best tips and tricks, our travel experts are ready to share their passion and knowledge of Sri Lanka to make sure your trip is unforgettable. From the beaches in the south, to the tea plantations in the north, to the impressive cultural heritage, your dedicated travel expert will design the trip of your dreams.

Shanti Travel provides the best travel solutions, creating trips specifically to cater your needs with local expertise and 24/7 monitoring.  


Shanti Travel Benefits

1. Over 35,000 guests

Throughout our 11 years of service, Shanti Travel has received a 96% satisfaction rate from our guests who have trusted us and travelled off the beaten track.

2. Personalised assistance and advice

Our French experts are present 7/7 and 24 h/24, before, during and after your trip in Asia : India, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Maldives, Indonesia, Vietnam...

3. Experience and security

Shanti Travel has over 90 Travel Experts who have a plethora of knowledge about each country they work and live in and are eager to share their expertise with you and discover the beautiful countries and culture.

Colombo 6
A passionate team
Pablo - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Pablo spent its childhood in New Caledonia, between the bush and lagoons of turquoise blue waters. Son of great travellers, he has for a long time enjoyed discovering and sharing with others. After his studies in France and then a professional career in Spain, the call of new horizons was stronger than anything else. Knowing Sri Lanka from his readings, he did not hesitate to come and discover this magnificent country. The human experiences and the discovery of incredible landscapes are the drivers of his travels, just like the work at Shanti Travel in which he then decided to join.

Françoise – Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Françoise and Sri Lanka have a long love story that goes back to the late seventies. She has been pocketing countless experiences and now calls this fascinating country home. She continues to learn as she goes down different roads every day and takes in the beauty of the green landscapes and warm smiles. She is a true expert in MICE travel, organizing travel and events for business people and companies alike guaranteeing fruitful trips across Sri Lanka.

Anna - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Surrounded by travellers in her family since her earliest childhood, Anna does not hesitate to take her backpack to explore continents as soon as she gets the chance. Last year, she went returned from a world tour which was a magnificent human adventure for her. Lover of Asia, she finally decided to settle down on "the island of jewels", an island full of cultural and human wealth which does not stop amazing her and making her travel on a daily basis.

Juliette - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Meeting others is what Juliette enjoys the most in her travels. Discovering, exploring, sharing, and going beyond held ideas is what motivates her to get up every morning. It's therefore fitting that at the age of 17, she began to set off for some adventure in our vast world. A few years later, it is this same passion for travelling which drives her and which she wants to share. After more than a year spent at the heart of the Indian culture, Sri Lanka opened her doors for her!

Marie - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Marie grew up in the South of France, sharing her time between sea and mountain. She did not wait for the end of her studies to discover the world; her internships were for her the chance of getting into the root of various cultures. Once her Bachelor's degree in tourism was complete, she organized cruises in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean Seas for 5 years, before packing for Sri Lanka. It is the cultural wealth of this island which was quite obvious to her at first, mixed religions, smiles,  coloured spices, and the curiosity of Sri Lankans … Everything here tempts her to learn and to share.

Caroline - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Since she was a child, Caroline has always been fascinated by travels. After a career in the financial field, she dreamed of living elsewhere. Thus, she grabbed her backpack and left to explore the world for two and a half years. She has been in South-East Asia and South America, which convinced her, even more, to work in the tourism field. When she had the opportunity to join Shanti Travel in Sri Lanka, of course, she did not hesitate for one second. To live on-site, immersed among Sri Lankans, what better way to discover all the treasures that the pearl of the Indian Ocean has to offer? The icing on the cake: she can share her enthusiasm with our travellers!

Léna - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

With Breton roots and Swiss nationality, Léna grew up between ocean and mountain. Since childhood, she has her eyes riveted on the world map, which fascinates her. It is in Vancouver where she lived her first experience in tourism after her studies. From Canada to Sri Lanka, there is only one step, that she is delighted to have taken by joining Shanti Travel. It is with a lot of enthusiasm that she will share with our travellers her craze for Sri Lanka and will help them create the travel of their dreams.

Lalith - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

Lalith was born and grew up in Colombo, where he studied tourism, before working in Switzerland's embassy where he learned German to become a German teacher for a few years. However, he realized that the passion for travelling was what was driving him the most. He had the opportunity to travel to numerous countries and appreciates his work at Shanti Travel in Sri Lanka today.

Lucille - Sri Lanka Travel Expert

A native of the South of France, Lucille has been unable to stay still since her youngest age. Thus, she has gradually begun to journey around our beautiful planet. Everything happened very fast; Europe, Asia, South America... Travelling is not enough for her anymore, and her eagerness to discover motivates her to work and live abroad in order to experiment with discoveries and meetings even deeper. It is in Sri Lanka that she decides to settle down, on the tracks of her great-grandfather who did the same a hundred years ago to become a tea planter in the said "Ceylon". 
Today, she is delighted to welcome you beside the team of Shanti Travel to introduce you to the marvels of Sri Lanka. 

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Khao Sok National Park is a haven of peace in the middle of an exceptional nature.

Ha, Halloween: Scary movies, pumpkin lanterns, fancy dresses in all shades of zombies, witches and bloody ghosts, bunches of kids ringing your bell for that swift sugar rush we hate to love, spider webs and general merriment.

Come to explore this inspiring country and live an adventure bigger than life.