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Monpays Tours, Ethiopia DMC

  • Monpays Tours - Ethiopie
  • Monpays Tours - Ethiopie
  • Monpays Tours - Ethiopie
Monpays Tours

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Since 2005
Fabienne ROCHON
Wendimeneh Street, Arada sub city
Wereda 01 Kebele
01/02 House # 230 Addis Ababa

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Tailor-made trip
Tailor-made trip
Guaranteed departures
Guaranteed departures
Monpays Tours - Ethiopie

In 2006, Yared Mulugeta founded Monpays Tours after several years of experience in the tourism industry.
At Monpays tours, we make sure you discover and experience Ethiopia and its people.
Monpays Tours is an official Ethiopian tour operator registered by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ethiopia.
We commit ourselves to offer and guaranty the best service. We also make sure that anyone who comes to Ethiopia will travel with our professional and experienced guides and drivers.


Why visit Ethiopia?

Because it's one of the most fascinating country in the world.
Alongside infinite landscape, you will find a mosaic of people with their own language and culture. Also, Ethiopia is 3000 years old and is considered to be the cradle of humanity (with the discovery of Lucy).

Ethiopians believe to be descendants of Ham, son of Noah, and also of Queen Saba who seduced King Salomon. From the sixth century, Ethiopians emperor embraced Christianity.
During the middle age, the Western World believed that Priest John founded a wonderful Empire in Ethiopia.

The myth was destroyed by the Portuguese who came to help the Christian Kings against the Muslim invasions.
In the nineteenth century, every Major World Powers tried to colonized Ethiopia but never succeed, an exception in Africa.
But Ethiopia is also and above all its people, their fascinating beauty, their natural elegance, their deep sight, their simplicity and their authenticity.
Ethiopia is a unique experience, deeply human.                                                                               

It’s my country, it’s your journey, and it stays more than ever, a wonderful adventure.

Addis Ababa
A passionate team
Yared Mulugeta

With over 10 years experience in travel and tourism. He has planned thousands of trips, organized tours, escorted groups, and put together package programs. As the owner of the agency, Yared takes a justifiable pride in providing the best possible customer service. Passionate about his country, he is always seeking out new places, new experiences for fellow travelers to share all he has discovered

Fabienne Rochon

a French national, joined Monpays Tours in 2008. She is in charge of developing routes, and handling correspondences .Her meticulous attention to details holds the business and its finances together. With the satisfaction of clients in mind, Fabienne enjoys getting to know her clients' travel wants and needs. For her, customer service is a number one priority..

Dina Berhanu

My name is Dina, I am an Ethiopian who spent her entire schooling in French. I work at Monpays Tours for over a year. I had the opportunity to travel and discover the cultural, historical and religious sites of my country and I would like to share this unforgettable experience with you!

Michael Mamo

Passionate about travel and meeting new travelers from all walks of life. Always excited to organize your travel through my beautiful country with many contrasts.

Micaela Soligno

Hello everyone! Like you, I love traveling and I believe every trip gives you great memories and intense emotions. When you go visiting places far from home,  you meet different people, culture and lifestyle, you also discover different languages, curious habits, unusual traditions; travel opens the mind and soul. I am ready to introduce you to a unforgettable experience.

Tania Cabo

Ethiopia is truly a wonder unexplored. Whether you're looking for lush landscapes and breathtaking lakes, or ancient monuments and different tribes, Ethiopia is a paradise of traditions. It’s one of the best hidden gems in the world and our group of professionals are able to fulfill your expectations.

Makda Getachew

Hello, I'm Makda and 26 years old. I am Ethiopian, born in Berlin and visited the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from kindergarten to 12th  grade. There I completed the International Baccalaureate. Then I graduated in dentistry in Manila / Philippines with the degree Doctor of Dental Medicine.
Out of love for this great country, I then decided to organize the best trips. Both the north, with its stunning world heritage churches and the Simien Mountains to the south with its indigenous people, make it an once in a lifetime journey you shouldn’t miss.

Medium haul
00 39 049 9704834

Khao Sok National Park is a haven of peace in the middle of an exceptional nature.

Ha, Halloween: Scary movies, pumpkin lanterns, fancy dresses in all shades of zombies, witches and bloody ghosts, bunches of kids ringing your bell for that swift sugar rush we hate to love, spider webs and general merriment.

Come to explore this inspiring country and live an adventure bigger than life.